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Your website is a valuable marketing tool and it is crucial that it remains operational and represents your organisation well. It is important not to forget that your website back-end runs on software, and more importantly, software which requires ongoing updates and maintenance to ensure ongoing security and stability.

An outdated Content Management System can allow an unauthorised user to gain access to your website and in some cases, your entire hosting account. Why? The typical case is to use your website as a tool to send spam or phishing emails from a ‘trusted’ source, or to simply deface your website.

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Keep your website safe with fortnightly CMS updates

Our experienced team can monitor your website and complete all available updates on a fortnightly basis.

We will guarantee the safety of your website with free restoration and repair services to any compromised WordPress or Joomla website.


* cPanel backups and restoration services will be completed if hosting is provided by Cast-Control Pty Ltd; if the website hosting is provided externally it is the customers responsibility to ensure backups are running appropriately and to check if there are any additional costs for backup restorations before signing up to this service.

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