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Social Media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites usually centred on efforts to create content that attracts and encourages viewers to share with their social networks.

Businesses are able to take advantage of and tap into these vast networks at a considerably lower cost than traditional marketing methods such as newspapers, magazines, radio and TV while in many cases achieving a much better return on investment.

Cast-Control can help build a strong online social presence as well as assist with developing a viable social marketing strategy for your organisation. We believe it is important to not just grow your audience, but ensure your audience is relevant by means of using very specific criteria in your advertising campaigns.

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Hypertargetting is important

Hypertargeting is the ability on social network sites to target ads based on very specific criteria. This is an important step towards precision performance marketing.

Blanket advertising to everyone or just a specific area can be costly in the long term and make it difficult to reach customers who are genuinely interested in your brand or product.

We occasionally see facebook pages where the owner has thousands of likes, yet see minimal engagement in comparison. That is likely due to a larger than normal portion of followers who are completely irrelevant to the business and unlikely to ever purchase a product or utilise a service from the business; Every time they sponsor a post, that money is wasted across that irrelevant portion. This is where hypertargeting comes in; by identifying and advertising to users who are most likely to transact with your business.

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